Featured Brewers

This Could Be YOU!


Imagine professionally brewing a beer and selling it out of a cool taproom or even a bar or package store.  Are you ready to take your beer to the next level?

Shebeen Brewing Company

Shebeen Brewing Oktoberfest

It all started with Shebeen.  The leader in creative culinary craft beers from a Cucumber Wasabi to Cannoli Beer.  They also make several slamming NEIPA's and DIPA's.

Best Friends Lunch

Best Friends Lunch Go-Man-Go

Complex flavors without the complexity of judgement, just enjoy.  A best friend buys you a beer.  A friend buys lunch.  We are passionate about our beer.  We hope you are too.

Tipping Chair

Tipping Chair Could This Be Magic?

What do you get when you cross rock and beer?  An awesome New England IPA and other small batch hand crafted beers available at Tipping Chair Tavern in Southington CT and CT Brewery Collective

Pilot Series Brewing

Pilot Series Brewing

Taproom only small pilot batches focusing on traditional European lagers, real ales and English/Irish stouts and porters.



Inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, we at Shakesbeer combine traditional brewing techniques with the new American flavor profiles.  Just as Shakespeare brought the art of the stage to the masses, Shakesbeer brings the art of craft beer to the people by producing a line of sophisticated yet easy drinking beers.  Never too bitter, never too hoppy - simply brewed as you like it.